Wash Your Own Carpet With These Three Steps

The number of carpets that everyone in their house has makes them have to clean the carpet regularly. Because of the large number of carpets in the house, usually, the homeowner prefers to use carpet cleaning services such as carpet care specialists. They will help you clean the carpet and ensure that the carpet is free of germs and bacteria.

However, for those of you who want to clean your own carpet at home and start with one carpet, there are a number of steps that you should know here. Some of the steps in question are

– Do it at the bottom first
This is often ignored because cleaning the carpet at the top is enough. In fact, the bottom of the carpet is also important to clean. Dirt that builds up on the bottom of the carpet can move to the top of the carpet if suddenly your carpet is opened and there is wind or by other means. Also, cleaning the carpet will not be total if you miss the bottom. In fact, good carpet cleaning is a thorough cleaning.

– Try using soap
For the deep cleansing process, cleansing soap is needed. You can buy carpet cleaning soap at the store or mix it yourself using non-hard laundry soap. But, you cannot use cleansing soap carelessly. You must do a trial first to make sure the soap does not damage your carpet material. The trick is to make a mixture of cleaning soap with water, then use it on a small part of your carpet and see if the soap makes the carpet color fade or damage the texture of the carpet or cause other damage. If not, then you can use the soap to clean the entire surface of the carpet.

– Use a soft brush
To maximize the stain cleaning process, you should use a soft bristle brush. Brushing the carpet must be done carefully so that the fiber is not damaged. If the carpet fiber is damaged, it will affect the texture so that it can cause discomfort. Choosing a soft brush can be the way you try to rub it on your hands and feel the level of softness.

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