Various types of vases for flower bouquets

A vase with a round shape has a small mouth diameter and then widens in the middle and narrows slightly below so that it will let the stem spread below and the flowers are in it. Suitable flowers placed inside are sweet peas, poppy, and lily. Apart from that, you might want to visit flores medellin if you need some of the most beautiful flower bouquets that you can buy online.

Bud-shaped vase

This vase looks like a bud that is budding, with a lower body shape that is larger than the neck. Because the neck is slimmer, this bud-shaped vase can keep the flower stems well so they don’t break easily. This vase accentuates its beautiful and sexy silhouette, so it’s perfect to place this bud-shaped vase in a luxurious and modern house. Suitable for placing flower freesias, clematis, lily and poppy in it.


The cylinder vase has a square shape on both sides, and there is no narrowing at the top to hold the flower. For this type of vase, the best series is to show off flowers with unusual shapes or flowers with sloping and minimalist shapes. Flowers that match vases like this are hyacinths, tulips, and anemones.


Want a more modern look? Try a flower vase with this cube shape. Choose a vase about 4 to 5 inches tall and place an orchid flower in it. You can present a minimalist and contemporary style in your room.


A small jar provides a good match for the bursting bouquet display. You can also place a series of roses, chrysanthemums, or pink carnations with white jars to create traditional and classic impressions like medieval times.

Glass Container

Some experts think you should avoid using clear glass vases unless you can disguise or make a beautiful appearance of the flower stem that is clearly visible through the glass. You can also fill a vase with something colored, such as glass stones, fresh cranberries, or limes that are cut transversely into thin circles. Make sure you often replace the water in a glass vase, because it is very unsightly if there are floating flower petals or cloudy water from your glass vase.

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