Types of Grass Used on the Golf Courses

The grass is a very important element on the golf course, besides holes, bunkers, trees, flowers, and lagoons. Golf clubs and golf courses in the world including phuket golf certainly pay special attention to managing and caring for the grass of the golf course, especially in the fields that hold large and prestigious tournaments.

Selection of the type of grass to be used on the golf course refers to three things, namely the availability of water, climate and type of soil. Here are 4 types of grass that are most often used on golf courses in the world.

1. Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass can be found in fields in warm climate regions with low rainfall. This is based on this type of grass having the ability to adapt to heat and can thrive in high temperatures, such as dry and tropical. In contrast, if this species is planted in a cold climate country, it will be more difficult to grow and very quickly damaged.

2. Bent Grass

Bent Grass is a type of golf grass that has a variety of types. This grass has better adaptability and endurance compared to Bermuda Grass. It can survive even though it is often used or trodden by golfers without significant damage. Bent Grass can also be cut as short as possible and still provides a charming texture even though it grows on a golf course with low water intensity.

3. Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass is suitable to survive in hot and long dry climates. This grass tends to have much slower growth than other golf grass species. The texture of the grass is very stiff, so it cannot survive if it is too often trampled by golfers on the golf course.

4. Rye Grass

Many golf clubs and golf courses use grass type Rye Grass as its special rough and fairway grass. Ryegrass is a type of grass that is quite difficult to grow, especially in areas with too hot climates. Rye Grass has a smooth texture that is easier to cut. Most golf courses use this grass as their field grass, especially fields located in temperate climates.

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