Tools Used in Analysis of Chemical Reagents in the Laboratory

In the microbiology laboratory industry, there are various kinds of equipos de laboratorio. The equipment is of course only used by people who understand the laboratory. The equipment is usually easily broken and is included in the category of objects that must be used very carefully. As an analyst, it is very important to know what equipment we will need when working or practicing in the Lab. Turn on when we are doing analysis (by referring to a particular method) then we have to recognize what tools we need so that when doing analysis we don’t stop because we don’t find the tools needed.

The following are tools commonly used in microbiology laboratories:

– Micropipette and Tip
The micropipette is a tool to move liquids with a fairly small volume, usually less than 1000 µl. Many capacity choices in the micropipette, for example, micropipette that can be set up volume between 1µl to 20µl, or micropipette that cannot be regulated volume, only one volume choice (fixed volume pipette) for example micropipette 5 µl. in use, the micropipette requires a tip.

– Petri Cup
Petri dishes serve to breed (cultivate) microorganisms. The medium can be poured into the bottom cup and the top cup as a cover. Petri dishes are available in a variety of sizes, the diameter of a dish that is usually 15 cm in diameter can accommodate as much as 15-20 ml of media, while a cup with a diameter of 9 cm is approximately enough to fill as much as 10 ml of media.

– Thermometer
Thermometers are glass rods of 300 mm in length, 6-7 mm in diameter containing mercury and gas, and equipped with a degree Celsius scale. Function to measure the temperature of a solution or incubator space. The principle works are measuring temperature according to the rate of mercury in the thermometer.

Those are some items commonly used in microbiology laboratories. Some of them are commonly used in other laboratories, such as chemical laboratories.

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