Tips on How to Get VPS Hosting Service for Free

Who does not want to VPS, free domain and hosting try, especially if the domain, hosting or free VPS is a premium VPS, domain and hosting that other people have to buy for hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. It feels like there’s pride in being in a position like that right? Each of you has the chance to get free vps for one year. However, you should ensure that the quality won’t become the matter although you get this type of hosting service for free.

Domain, VPS, and Hosting are important elements that are commonly used to create a site in cyberspace, without any domain and hosting or VPS, so you won’t be able to create a site or in other words, your site won’t be accessible online. As the saying goes, there are many paths to Rome, so there are certainly many ways to get VPS, domains and free hosting.


Follow the Referral Program

Almost every service provider both domain, hosting and VPS always hold referral programs as one of their marketing strategies. Through this referral program, you will be paid in the form of a certain amount of money or credit if you succeed in promoting products on the domain, hosting or VPS provider site. The more people who buy products on the site through the link reference bro, then the more money or credit coffers you will get. For success in following this referral program, you must be very good at promoting products through social media, blogs, videos or through other media.

Follow Quiz

Some Domain, Hosting and VPS providers usually have a social media account which is not only used to introduce products but is also used to strengthen relationships with customers (consumers). One of the most effective ways commonly used by the domain, hosting and VPS service providers to strengthen these relationships is through quizzes. Although not all quizzes have the domain, VPS or free hosting prizes, you can try doing this to get a prize usually the amount is quite good.

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