The management of dufan take blame for dufan mati incident

Rika said there were no victims who died in the accident, but the recreation area manager had evacuated all the injured to Satya Negara Hospital. “There are no fatalities and currently all victims are recovering,” Rika said, as quoted by Antara. The Dufan manager is coordinating with police officers to investigate the cause of the disaster. Based on the information, the chronology of the dufan mati incident began when the victims boarded the rafting rides and then the boat reversed due to the waves. When the boat is overturned, the victims have been in a boat with a safety belt installed so that it collides with the head under water. As a result of the incident, five injured people, M Risma Saputra.

Tornado traffic jam and security explanation, and I am sure the community is holding on to it,” he continued. A total of 15 visitors to the Tornado rides were panicked. Even so the 15 visitors were declared safe after officers evacuated them manually. According to Sudaryatmo, it is not only a vehicle for the tornado game that must be audited, but all playing areas are dangerous. Sudaryatmo also said that the failure of the Tornado vehicle due to the dufan mati of electricity could not be used as an excuse. “There should be a back up system,” he said. He also added that if there was an indication of negligence from Dufan, the Tourism Office should be given sanctions in the form of strict sanctions. Inggrid explained, this dufan mati case was exactly the same as the previous incident, where the Tornado accident issue which was blown out by the party was not responsible. At that time, people’s fear was high enough to use the tornado game, but when it was operated and safe, many visitors were interested in playing. “It can be proven if the Tornado game is currently a game that is often visited by visitors to Dufan.

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