Symptoms of a Sizzling Engine Car

Cars damaged are certainly a very natural thing. Indeed, the nature of everything that is on this earth is broken. No exception also with the components in the car. Damage to the car usually occurs in cars that are old because maybe some of the parts are used up. Or it occurs in cars that are not too old but rarely treated. One of the strange damage to the car was the emergence of the symptoms of a hissing engine car, that is the time when you need pick up and drop of car service.

A hissing car, of course, makes the rider uncomfortable, because it is disturbed by sounds that are uncomfortable in the ear. In general, the car broadcasts a hissing sound because it is caused by leaks in the components of the car. Well, these leaks will usually result in unwanted oxygen getting into the component so that it sounds like a hiss.

Problems like this, of course, must be addressed immediately so as not to interfere with your trip. Maybe for those of you who are often or accustomed to tinkering with cars, problems like this will be handled alone if you know the cause. But for those of you who rarely mess with car components, you should still use reliable technicians to solve problems in your car.

In general, cars with hissing symptoms will be felt when you have traveled with a few kilometers of distance. And this will certainly make your trip even more uncomfortable. For those of you who have often messed with a car and have a car with a problem there is a hissing sound, maybe you can try messing about tweaking it yourself. Before trying to fix it, of course you have to know what caused it first. Well, as for the cause of this hissing car, namely:

– Possible leak in the inlet manifold or throttle body gasket.

– Possible leakage of exhaust gaskets or fire and intake manifolds or oil.

– Possible leak on the vacuum hose.

– The possibility of a leak in the gasket or cylinder head packing caused by tearing, burning, breaking, or leaking.

– There may be a problem with the injector nozzle.

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