Prevent Autoimmune With This Habit

For some of us, workplaces are like a second home because we spend quite a lot of time there. Unfortunately, most of the time we spend with a sedentary attitude, aka not physically active. This sedentary attitude increases the risk of various health problems, such as obesity. To work around this, stand up! BioGreen Life experts estimate that standing can burn 50 percent more calories than sitting. In addition, small movements in the legs such as swinging your legs can increase calorie burning by 20-40 percent, compared to staying silent. Better still, take a few minutes to walk. Just walking to get drinking water or going to the toilet to wash your face is enough. Some workplaces provide a standing desk, but if there is none, you can propose it to company management or you can stand five minutes every one hour no problem. The point is, don’t keep fixating on a computer monitor while sitting in a chair, for example, try to stand up when you take a call.

Instead of using an elevator or elevator that keeps your body silent and doesn’t increase your heart rate, it doesn’t hurt to use stairs. Initially, it might be tiring, but later you can get used to it and feel the benefits. Who says shopping is just a waste of money? Shopping can be an activity to throw away your calories. Taking a walk in a mall with a faster tempo can be a fun sport. You can shop for necessities or just buy things to please you because you have done all the steps above!

Basically, you need to be at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. If it’s not strong enough to do it at once, you can repay it by dividing it into 2-3 sessions. Each session can last 10-15 minutes. The important thing is to do it consistently. Physical activity will help you burn calories and build muscle. In turn, moving actively helps reduce body fat. By exercising regularly, the quality of your sleep can also increase while helping to prevent depression and increase self-confidence.

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