Painting a house with a historical value

Historic homes usually have Victorian, Art Deco, or Colonial architectural types. Most of these architectures display vivid and bright colors, but do not combine two or more colors that contrast with each other. The colors presented tend to increase the feel of optimism. In the meantime, if there’s a problem with old lead paint in your precious, antique house, just call the professional Lead paint removal Brisbane.

Colors for historic colonial style homes

This colonial house is thick with shades of yellowish white. White is the basic color that can be found in almost every colonial home, especially for its exterior. In addition, the color most often used in colonial homes is ivory yellow. In addition to the rather yellow white, the alternative color for the colonial house is soft gray, red (usually many are presented in colonial houses owned by the Chinese), and brown. Some other colors, such as pastel blue and green are also often chosen, but usually present only as an accent for the interior. It is rare that presents two colors as the exterior color of a colonial house.

The color of Victorian homes

Victorian homes usually use more than 1 color, especially for accents. As for generally, Victorian houses have soft and natural shades, with bright color accents and are quite stand-out. The usual colors used as the base color are blue or green with a little gray, then combined with red brick or rose pink for the door or frame on the window.

If we look carefully, in this era new colors are found that are not many or have not even been presented in previous architectural design styles. Alasanya, this era is an era of advancement in the field of science and many new technologies are being created, which eventually can produce paints with new colors. No wonder the majority of the houses are painted with more than one color, ranging from topaz to gold, pink to yellow. However, the trend of using colorful paint on the exterior of Victoria’s house began to fade after the 20th century.

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