Looking for the best hand grinding machine

After knowing what the grinding machine is and what kind, on this occasion, the author wants to share his knowledge and experience in choosing the best electric hand grinding. Hand grinding has a very long group range. The following below are instructions on how to find a suitable grinding machine. Apart from that, you can visit https://reviewjam.com/best-angle-grinder/ if you wish to read the reliable angle grinder reviews.

A. Determine the application:


Characteristics: high rpm (12000rpm), low torque, amperage limit is too low, the motor is broken even though it does not feel hot, the body is not strong, low power so as not to heat up, the sound is very soft because it uses soft materials such as mild steel bearings instead of hss (suitable for home applications to avoid noise) the grade is fairly mediocre for light applications, wasteful of electricity when using extreme and quickly damaged. When used to grind the rpm it will immediately drop half of the numbers printed on the label and the electricity wattage will be even greater. The more pressed, the electricity wattage gets bigger and if it passes the wattage number printed on the label the engine will immediately burn.

For example, we will see many brands lined up at flea markets. Even many well-known professional machines even if used for industrial applications with very high production hours will definitely line up at the flea market.


Characteristic; low rpm (8900 rpm), high torque, high amperage usage limit, high-grade spare part quality, although the engine is fast hot does not make the engine damaged, noise due to the spare part material from friction-resistant material, economical electricity during extreme use. Almost all grinding stones feel good to be used on industrial grade machines. The hard one becomes sharp. The sharp one becomes sharp.

Examples of these machines are very rare in some countries because prices are quite expensive. For example, the hi-phase (250hz) 3-phase grinding machine, the machines have a maximum usage capacity of large watts with low rpm and have also begun to be of interest in the industry.

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