Know the Three Ways to Avoid Hacking Actions by Hackers

Everyone certainly agrees if the internet really helps their lives. Unfortunately, on the internet, there are also many criminal activities carried out by people who are not responsible, for example, hacking is done by hackers. So, not infrequently there are many people who now prefer to use multi factor authentication. With multiple security, many people will feel safe and their account will be well maintained factor authentication.

Hacking or data theft carried out by hackers is indeed the most known crime by many people. However, besides using multi factor authentication, there are several other ways you can do to avoid theft of data from these hackers. Some of the ways in question are

1. Delete personal information from social media
Personal information such as home addresses, telephone numbers and employment should be immediately removed from your social media profile column. This information is enough for hackers to attack you and steal your profile and personal data. Besides that, it’s very easy to get rid of friends you don’t really know from friends. Update information in the profile section to no longer install information that is too personal.

2. Use pharmacy passwords
To ensure that a password is tested for security, make sure not to use the same password for various accounts on the internet that you have. Why? Because this is dangerous and allows other people to access all your accounts with just one password.

3. Monitor security settings on social media
One of the steps to strengthen security on social media is to always pay attention to the existing arrangements. This step needs to be done to always know if there are changes to the security rules of social media. If indeed there is a change in the settings of the security, it never hurts to reset the security settings that are owned. In this way, you can increase security on your social media.

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