High Floor Condos

Have you ever heard about the nicest condo in Singapore? If you have never heard about the nicest condo in Singapore then you have to read this article. We will present our best Nyon Condo as your first priority in life. This brand new high floor concept condo is presenting such a simply awesome facility for you and your family.

We had designed our condos based on the legal authority in Singapore. You will get such a modern yet classic design in 2019. This condo has many good aspects in its design because our floor plan features are very distinct. For instance, we do not put the house hold cabinets within the units so you can choose and put your own interior goods in your own condo. In the name of security we also have no side windows of the balcony not or the planter cubical boxes.

We realize that you maybe have many items that you have to keep in a large storage. In this case we provide you many of extra storages in the units of our condos so our buyers can keep their items inside them safely. We have several of themes for our designs and they were divided in some of unit categories. We have many floors for our units and also the two of separate blocks for each of our condo units.

The buyers can pick the theme that they like based on the open tour for the condo that we do every Monday and Friday to people for free. They will see our masterpiece units and then we will give them such a good information like the security program in each units, the heat water system and plumbing installations, the roof and interior designs and the last but not least is about the price for each different units that we sell.

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