Great White Shark, Amazing Facts That Never Revealed

When you hear the word shark, what’s inside the head? Scary? Human predator? Laugh because it only exists in the film. Not true in reality. Although often described as a ferocious monster and have no feelings, other facts mention different things. This is not widely known to ordinary people because the stereotype of sharks in society has entered the stage of human predators which are packaged in films so that sometimes humans rely on false facts about this one marine animal. Well, luckily you are tourism now providing a good means to share facts about this one sea animal, namely swimming with whale sharks. This activity is not only to attract tourists but also provide lessons on nature and its balance and hidden facts from marine biota that have already been horribly summarized from various films. Named a maritime tour where people can experience swimming with sharks, but first, they have to recognize what a shark is like?

Great white sharks are usually found in almost all oceans of the world, but most are offshore with a temperature of 12 to 24 degrees Celsius, this region usually exists in the Northeast part of California, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Japan. The size of sharks is also various types, the biggest is the megalodon shark which can grow up to 4.5 to 6 meters. If we watch a movie, there must be a part where the shark eats human flesh, right? But in fact, sharks don’t like human flesh. The nerve end of a shark has a function to recognize the prey he eats, which is rich in calories or not. Another unique fact that you have to know is that the Great White Shark smell is very sharp, even if there is a drop of blood that goes into 100 liters of water, then the shark will react quickly.

¬†When the shark is hungry, don’t try to approach it because any creature that is nearby will definitely become a meal because sharks have 300 teeth arranged in several rows and are ready to eat whatever is around it.

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