Drink enough water may reduce the risk of auto accidents

We are advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day – after waking up, before eating, before going to bed, also before and after exercise. Nevertheless, do you know that we also need to drink water before driving a car or driving another vehicle, especially if the distance is quite far? It’s because drinking less water has the same harmful effects as driving while intoxicated. Here is the explanation. However, before we continue, perhaps you should consider taking the DOT physical examination for your own safety DOT physical.

Lack of drinking water makes the body dehydrated

Two-thirds of the human body is liquid. That’s why your body needs to enter enough water to function optimally. When the body loses more water than it drinks, you can become dehydrated. Most body fluids are lost from sweating and urinating.

Imbalance of fluid levels can make the body unable to function optimally. Unfortunately, often we don’t realize that the body has lost a lot of fluid. Because the signs of dehydration are not just thirsty so you might be too late to realize it.

Drink enough water before you drive

The results of this study indicate that mild dehydration can result in an increased risk of driving errors during long and monotonous trips. Moreover, dehydration is very easy for people who rarely drink water because they are too busy with their work or activities.

The researchers say that accidents on the streets are mostly caused by driver errors due to fatigue, drowsiness, lack of concentration, and also lack of awareness. These things can be caused by dehydration. The researcher also reminded that driving a car when the weather is hot can also cause the body to lose more water, so it must be replaced by drinking more water.

We have all realized that driving drunk is very dangerous, but we never think of anything else that is trivial but also at great risk of our driving ability, one of which is dehydration. With the findings of this study, you can realize the dangers that you did not know beforehand, so you can prevent them by ensuring yourself to drink enough water before driving other cars and vehicles.

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