Danger of Alcohol: Violence

During this time it is always mentioned that consuming too many alcoholic beverages can be bad for health. But, besides that, a study also mentions that those who drink alcohol are more likely to commit violence. In a study conducted by the Cardiff University Crime and Security Research Institute, violence caused by hate was more likely to be done when people were drunk. In this case, alcohol acts as a trigger that makes people prejudice to others. For this reason, it’s a good idea to stop drinking alcohol, learn more about how to stop on our website.

Of the 124 people who participated in the study, 18.5% considered themselves attacked by people who were motivated by prejudice and 90% of them were caused by alcohol. Those who were attacked were injured by the violence. Of the 23 people who claimed that their attacks were motivated by alcoholic prejudice, seven said their appearance was the main motive for the attack. Meanwhile, five other people said the attack was carried out for racial reasons, three said because of the place of residence, and eight cases were a mixture of reasons for race, religion, or sexual orientation of the victim.

A striking aspect of this research is the discovery that most attacks are not driven by mere hatred, but alcohol seems to act as a trigger. From the results of this study it is expected that regulations that limit alcohol consumption as a strategy to reduce the risk of attacks on others.

Drinking too much alcohol is not good, one of the bad effects is being able to get liver or liver disease. In fact, according to research, the disease will ‘overtake’ heart disease as the biggest cause of premature death in 2020. Professor Nick Sheron, a University of Southampton expert in the study, said that many early deaths occur in young adults, of which a third of patients he handled was under 40 years old.

According to him, this disease can be dealt with early, but cooperation from the medical side is needed to be more careful when making a diagnosis as an early preventive measure and also for each individual to better maintain his health. One way to reduce alcohol consumption is to adjust the selling price of these drinks on the market. To realize this, of course, government intervention is needed.

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