Classification of liquor and their short-term effects

Liquor which is abbreviated as alcohol is a beverage that contains alcohol. With its pleasures that cause a lot of false pleasures, these drinks have succeeded in becoming a lifestyle in the world. Not infrequently, alcoholic drinks are usually served in certain celebrations or festive parties. Although including luxury drinks, unfortunately, this liquor can endanger the health of those who consume it. In the meantime, you should also learn more about the excellent rehab centers for your beloved one who is suffering from alcohol or drugs addiction.

Liquor Group

In general, liquor is classified into 3 groups. The group includes:

Group A is liquor with 1% to 5% alcohol content such as beer and green sand.
Group B is liquor with 5% to 20% alcohol content such as martini and wine or wine.
Group C is liquor with 20% to 50% alcohol content such as whiskey and brandy.

The liquor business is a very profitable business. As with cigarettes and drugs, consumers who are increasingly increasing make the workers involved in making huge profits. Although there are many consumers, of course, the consumer feels the initial symptoms that are dangerous and uncomfortable.

Effects of Short-Term Liquor

Symptoms of danger caused initially by liquor include:

The mouth feels dry.
Heart Beat Faster.
Causes nausea.
Difficulty breathing.
Frequent urination.

The above symptoms can be felt in a few minutes. However, the effects given can vary depending on the alcohol content of the liquor you drink. After getting drunk, a feeling will arise that makes the drinker feel as if he feels great until the taste will disappear by itself. Their minds felt loose and relaxed.

If this has been experienced, drinkers who are almost half conscious need friends to share things that happen to them. In fact, many of the drinkers who told confidential things to their friends. In addition, drinking alcohol causes motor functions not to function normally such as slurred speech and staggering. This unconsciousness will gradually disappear within 4 to 6 hours. After that, drinkers will feel very depressed and tired.

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