Best Yoga Poses For Repairing Body Postures

Poor posture can make back pain for a long time. In addition, bending posture can also make you easier to stress and worsen the effects of stress. That’s why it’s important to improve your posture. Without good posture, humans cannot even be said to be physically fit and mentally healthy. Fortunately, these simple yoga movements below can help you correct your posture while keeping it good while sitting, standing or lying down. Meanwhile, visit to find the best site for learning yoga online.

1. Mountain Pose

This yoga movement trains the body to be able to stand up perfectly.


Start by standing relaxed while holding your feet together.
Then pull and drop your shoulders back while puffing your chest forward. Let your arms hang on the side of your body with your elbows slightly bent and your palms facing forward.
Extend the neck up, keeping the head upright with the focus in front. Feel your back tighten when you do it until the spine is completely straight.
Hold this position for a few moments while taking 5 -10 deep and slow breaths.

2. Bridge Pose

Bridge poses are also the right movements to improve body posture. This movement helps straighten and strengthen the spine.


Lie on your back with your knees bent and leave your hands straight on the side of the body. Keep your feet flat on the floor
Inhale deeply and slowly, while lifting your hips so that your body is tilted as shown above.
Hold your hips in the air, while you attach both hands under your back. Make sure your elbows are straight, not bent or raised from the floor.
Hold this pose for 3-4 times long breath. Then, lower your hips again.
Repeat again 2-5 times.

3. Tabletop


Lie on your back, then bend your knees. Keep your feet pressed on the mattress or floor.
Take a deep breath and slowly lift your body using the support of both hands. Make sure your palms are facing the feet, as shown above.
When the body is lifted, exhale slowly.
Keep your back, waist, hips, and buttocks straight. The spine must be as straight as possible
Hold the position for 3-5 long breaths.
Repeat this movement for 2-3 times.

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