Anxiety can make you Sick

Anxiety and worry are naturally owned by everyone. But without realizing it, anxiety can affect the body and cause you to become physically ill. But how? Apparently, a bad experience can cause the body to activate a stress response that will cause emotional changes in the body. As a result, these emotional changes can increase the body’s ability to deal with threats (one in the form of stress). And usually, when stress occurs, the body will try to restore the condition by visit stan popovich on media.

However, if stress occurs too often, the body will need more time to recover. As a result, the body will be in a state of “standby”. When the body is in a state of “standby” too long, the body’s performance will be disrupted which can cause various kinds of physical, psychological, and emotional problems. These problems can certainly involve many systems, organs, and glands that are affected by stress responses.

Here are some ways anxiety can make you sick:

– Stress response
Based on a study, anxiety can disrupt the production of the hormone serotonin and adrenaline. As a result, when you feel worried, you will experience nausea. This happens because when you feel anxious, your intestines will send a message to the brain that you must feel scared and cause nausea.

– Intestine and stomach pressure
Without realizing it, worry can cause a lot of pressure on the stomach, including stomach acid. This can affect the process of digestion of food and water in the body. So often, when you feel anxious, you will feel something is wrong with your stomach.

– Mild illness
Every day, your body fights against germs, viruses, or even bacteria that will and has entered the body. And it turns out, without realizing it, anxiety can weaken the immune system. The result can cause pain, such as nausea, coughing, flu, swollen lymph nodes, dry tongue, dizziness, or painful stomach.

Actually, the symptoms that arise from anxiety are not dangerous. Symptoms of pain occur as the body’s response to stress or worry that is being experienced. Even so, still the symptoms of pain experienced will cause discomfort.

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