Alternative Electronics That Can Replace Your AC When It’s Being Repaired

Cooling pack is the first AC replacement air conditioner. The shape of the cooling pack at a glance resembles a pillow, but unfortunately, the use of cooling packs can only be used on fans. Both stand and portable fans, to get cool air with this one alternative method, you only need to put a Cooling Pack behind the fan. Before using this tool you have to freeze cooling in the Freezer for about 4 hours first. Only then can this tool be used to reduce the temperature to 3-4 degrees Celsius. In the meantime, call the trusted aircon installation singapore whenever your AC must be repaired by professionals aircon installation singapore.


Who among you is still not familiar with a fan? Yes, fans are often used as the main alternative to be used as air conditioners other than air conditioning. The fan consists of 2 types, namely the Standing fan and Portable fan. Portable fans are easier to carry anywhere because of their smaller shapes and use less power. Another thing with a standing fan, the size of this fan is indeed much higher. That’s why standing fans are difficult to carry everywhere and also require a little more power to give coolness.

Good isn’t it? Fans have become a good alternative to replace air conditioners, even today many companies produce AC with little energy. However, the fan is not able to provide coolness beyond the AC.

Air cooler

The air cooler is a simpler form of cooling pack. Air cooler can also be called a cooling pack that has been perfected. This one cooler is able to give cool air equivalent to AC. Indeed this one cooler still uses energy from electric power. Even so, the Air cooler still needs other fuels such as ice water or ice cubes as an addition to this cooler.

If the fuel storage capacity is below 10 liters, you have to spend a little energy to go back and forth to refuel again. However, until now the air cooler is still the mainstay of alternative air conditioners besides AC.

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