A Process of Changing

What do you really feel of smoking the cigars in the public areas?  Do you really think that a smoking activity is an acceptable behavior? If you answer those two questions with yes then you will agree if we launch this Hypnosis to Smoking as a good method for helping people from bad ritual. This ritual that will kill many of lives every single year is smoking the cigars.

If you are an active smoker and you disagree with our new aid for you then we believe you have not thought about the other’s lives properly. We want to give you a good analogy for your bad smoking ritual this is killing people around you right away. Perhaps as an active smoker you will have a different point of view about the smoking ritual. Some of the active smokers say that in life they don’t want to be selfish therefore the passive smokers can’t be selfish either to them.

That kind of wrong mind needs to be changed by our hypnosis solution. The very well known technique that we have is called the relaxation. In that technique we will relax our smoker patient’s crazy minds. We will ask our smoker patients to sleep on our comfortable hypnosis sofa and they can close their eyes if they want to do that. Some of people will feel more relax when their eyes are not open. Some of people are too afraid of seeing things in their minds even though those things are just their wild imaginations. We will then ask our smoker patients to count down in their heads.

In that step they can think about much kind of things such as animals, flowers, cars or even some of events in their lives. The next step is controlling their breaths because we need to lead them into a very comfortable conscious stage. We will also check their muscle’s activities during the hypnosis process. The whole procedures that we give to our patients are supervised by professional psychologists.

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